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The Blue Screen of Death wont to be as omnipresent as finding bed bugs at a soiled tourist court. And though they don’t happen as typically in Windows seven, 8 and 8.1, these new systems still aren’t immune.

Everyone is aware of that sickly, sick feeling that sits within the bottom of your abdomen once it happens: There you are; jubilantly clicking through sites, shift between applications and checking your email once suddenly, rapidly, the mouse pointer freezes.

What is the Blue Screen of Death?

The Blue Screen of Death created its official inauguration nearly 20 years past with Windows three.1x. Since the embryonic stages of Windows, it’s been referred to as everything from a Stop Screen, BSOD, and a motley of invectives ending in ker, it, and hole.

The Blue screen is invariably blue (or in Windows eight and eight.1 associate degree rising, happier, cerulean hue). The screen continually displays cryptic text regarding memory locations and values.

The cardinal purpose is that the Blue Screen of Death doesn’t essentially predict disc drive failure nor will it counsel one thing a lot of glaring sort of a pc meltdown (actually it technically might indicate associate degree warming hardware element however I’ll get to doable causes next).

Typically, the sole thanks to get over Blue Screens is to boot. generally your pc can mechanically boot when a number of seconds however the result’s the same: your work gets interrupted and any doomed changes area unit lost.

What causes the Blue Screen of Death?

When Firefox freezes it doesn’t take down the complete pc that’s as a result of application crashes area unit typically code connected. Hardware issues area unit a lot of villainous and area unit presumably either associated with unhealthy drivers or faulty memory modules – however ultimately, truth BSOD causes area unit varied.

By default, once Windows encounters a Blue Screen, it reboots and dumps the contents of memory to a file for future analysis. counting on your version of Windows, the dump is either a mini-dump, that could be a aphoristic copy of all information contained in RAM, or it’s an entire dump that could be a snap of everything in RAM.

Google the STOP Code

In addition to important thinking, concentrate to the STOP code. This esoteric code typically resembles associate degree whimsical string of letters and numbers and it seems on a line by itself. it’s like nonsensicality however it will truly purpose you to an answer if you copy and paste it into your favorite computer programme.
key items of knowledge to go looking for area unit the STOP description: PFN_LIST_CORRUPT and code: 0x00000004e.
Sometimes you’ll see a file that ends in .sys on the Blue Screen. This can be additionally a superb keyword for search as a result of it often points to associate degree offensive code driver that either has to be removed or updated.

I received this ugly DRIVER_IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL message when upgrading my Windows seven skilled box to Windows eight.

The Bottom Line

Blue Screens can happen however once they does one don’t got to panic.

The expertise are often upsetting however fortuitously there area unit a number of belongings you will do to handle BSODs. Most BSODs area unit triggered by unhealthy hardware or corrupt drivers. you’ll typically realize the foundation cause by reflective on the last system event before the crash, analyzing the memory dumps with WinDgb, finding out relevant STOP codes and dig through the Event Viewer for clues.

Moreover, you’ll typically stymie Blue Screens by keeping your software and drivers updated, running free hardware medical specialty, booting to safe mode and scanning for viruses.

If you have got a Blue Screen once per annum or 2 then it’s not a significant concern; but, if you get them quite once per week then you ought to be anxious.

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